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US/Saudi Caused Yemen Famine Feared as Starving Children Fight for Lives in Hospital

Six-year-old Salem Abdullah Musabih is held by his mother in an intensive care unit in the Red Sea port of Hodaida. Photograph: Abduljabbar Zeyad/Reuters

“More than half of Yemen’s 28 million people are already short of food, the UN has said, and children are particularly badly hit, with hundreds of thousands at risk of starvation.

There are 370,000 children enduring severe malnutrition that weakens their immune system, according to Unicef, and 1.5 million are going hungry. Food shortages are a long-term problem, but they have got worse in recent months. Half of children under five are stunted because of chronic malnutrition. ”

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“I’m voting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for educational purposes as much as anything”

Worth reading, putting aside the speciesist reference to sheep
“I think the fundamental problem is that the system is basically run by colonizing capitalists who don’t mind bombing and killing for profits. So the essential direction they follow domestically isn’t far from what they do to “others” overseas. They keep propping up proxy thug clowns called “Presidents” to sell their horrendous schemes for consumption, inhumanity and more profits. And of course that brings us back to what got this country started: slavery and settler colonialism against American Indians. Those things have slowly evolved into an invisible caste order that keeps us fighting among ourselves while begging for crumbs falling from criminal enterprises. If we don’t see this big picture, so called “reforms” keep turning out to be schemes to perpetuate their crimes like three strike law, crime bills, war on drugs, war on terror, big bank bailout and other neoliberal/neocolonizing schemes.” Hiroyuki Hamada
Anyway, here is John Steppling‘s eloquent Facebook update on where we are:
“One of the problems with US faux democracy is that it is coupled to an erosion of education. And in terms of electoral politics the binary world view is deeply embedded. So…for example…I read people posting memes that say oh this is an example of an overqualified women vs an under-qualified stupid white man. Someone else I just unfriended wrote…* I don’t think Jill Stein is qualified to run a bake sale*. These tropes are sold to a not very educated public. Of course what is missing in this mini theatre of reductive PR is both imperialism, and financial capital. And of course white privilege and institutional racism. Hillary Clinton has a horrid record, horrid. No sane person would point to her record as a means of arguing to vote for her. But its done anyway. And few in the US question how it is a system has arrived at an election which pits two sociopaths against each other. How and why did that happen? Well… Gore Vidal said long ago, the American public didn’t want the best and brightest. There is no meritocracy out there which processes potential candidates and arrives at the very best. We wouldn’t have had Gerald Ford or Spiro Agnew or Reagan or Dan Quayle. We wouldn’t have had Harry Truman or Nixon or LBJ for that matter. No US president has been actually a deep thinker. That’s not the job description. Bill Clinton, both Bushes, and Obama? Cunning perhaps, clever and Obama might actually be the highest IQ ever in the white house….and look how that’s working out. These are soulless methodical and ambitious men, but barely human. But its not really about the president in the end. Its about a system that is premised on exploitation. Capitalism manufactures poverty. When I was a boy 79% of the workers in the US belonged to a union. Today its 8%. The working class has been brutalized and abandoned. The black population in the US suffers a greater economic disparity than in apartheid South Africa. The US prison system has more prisoners than any country, per capita and real, in history. Police are militarized, racist, and hyper violent. Why do people think gun control is somehow the answer to that? The US is the worlds leading manufacturer of guns for Christ sake. How about shutting down the weapons industry? that would mean shutting down the biggest industry in the world (right ahead of prostitution/porn and packaging). Whoever is elected is allowed to sit in the white house. That’s it, really. They answer to a deep state of global banking interests, military contractors and the defense industry, and oil companies. Not to mention the ruling class zillionaires that make up that 1%. The US isn’t democratic. Is it even remotely possible for a poor man or women to be elected to even state wide office, let alone national? No. Are the rich in prison? No. Remember Hurricane Katrina…..where prisoners were left to drown in their cells. Where black men were shot on bridges by a racist white supremacist police force (and vigilantes). And where people suffered in the Astrodome for weeks. No sanitation. No food to speak of. Look at the US native American reservations. Look at Pine Ridge, look at Rosebud….and remember the US genocide against native Americans. Remember slavery. Look at the poverty of black communities. Look at the towns along the Mexican border where poverty has decimated the region from Arizona to Texas. Look at the so called rust belt… New York west through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and eastern Wisconsin. Once called the American suffering radical population loss and infrastructure decay. A grim angry landscape of boarded up storefronts and desperation and absence of hope. So who the fuck really thinks Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump gives a shit about any of this? Has either of them visited the rez? Gone to Fresno or El Paso or Brownsville, or Grants Pass or Valdosta, Georgia? The answer is no. They are members of the white elite. And in the case of Hillary, a rapacious delusional maniacal war lover who I believe actually wants war with Russia. She certainly wants to rain death down on Syria and Iran. She believe as fanatically as Netanyahu or Lieberman in the Greater Israel dream. Shit, she actually thought about *droning* #Assange. Her and Bill’s foundation has stolen millions from Haiti and left sweat shops in their wake. Bill wrote the crime bill that destroyed millions of lives. Hillary loved it. As for Trump…the son of a slum lord. A clown, a misogynistic and badly educated lounge act. This is where the long road of western imperialism has led. Manifest Destiny. Read Melville and Faulkner and Cain and Chandler and Hammett….Iceberg Slim and James Baldwin. And read Mailers one great book…Executioners Song. That’s America. Read Mike Davis, City of Quartz. Or hell, any of his books. This isn’t some pageant….where everything ends after the vote count. We have a winner !!! . But the fucking sheep march on… ear buds stuck in their ears, texting, eyes on that little screen as the world passes them by. Asleep. There cannot ever have been a society that so readily falls into a group-think. I read Denis Rancourt’s piece at Dissident Voice ..on the religion of climate change. And its worth reading. I think he might well be wrong, totally, on the science of environmental destruction, but he IS right about how it’s being sold to the public. It’s quickly starting to serve the interests of western capital. For the worlds biggest polluter is the US military, remember. So how does that work? Biggest weapons manufactures…and the worlds biggest military (by far) and yet we are to believe one or another of these white elites actually gives a shit about the working class, and the poor? About climate change? TPP and its sister agreements are about DEREGULATING industry. See??? LESS environmental protection. So no, they don’t. The answer to all this is to organize. But to do that, at least some modicum of education is in order. And that seems to be asking a lot these days. People believe…in this culture of individuality, that their opinions are valid just because they have them. Nobody wants to learn….they want to get back to texting and watching American idol…or whateverthefuckever./ So I’m voting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for educational purposes as much as anything. Only the very politically immature believe Hillary Clinton isn’t the next president. She is. And for that we should all be awake at night in a cold sweat.”

We Will Discover Just How Undemocratic Our Political Systems Have Become

passive chomsky“Just found the text of a post I wrote on November 7, 2012 that sums up my perspective on this election. Those of us seeking systemic change are now being told that we’ve been Trumped and have to just suck it up and vote for the corporate elite’s preselected choice despite the fact that their nomination may well be the result of legal or illegal subversion of the democratic process. Can’t wait to see what the billionaires will come up with in 2020 to keep us from voting against their interests…
“I did not vote yesterday, nor do I plan to again. I may make a protest vote, such as a write-in or third party, but I will no longer vote for any Democrat just because they are the only realistic alternative to a Republican.
It’s not just the candidates I refuse to support, but the entire system that produced them – and will continue to produce them, despite our passive dissatisfaction. If the system ever worked, it does no more. What Chris Hedges calls “the Corporate Coup” is a fait accompli. Policy in the US is controlled by money, not votes.
Studies show that US policy take little account of the electorate’s wishes. Some 95% of winners of Congressional elections are the ones with the most campaign contributions. “One dollar, one vote” is an understatement when, in the last $2-billion Presidential election, more than $1000 was spent per registered voter. And of course the vast majority of that money did not come from individuals, but from multinational corporations investing in policy via a vast apparatus of super-PACs, think tanks and other front organizations.
Of course, the Multinationals play both sides of the two-party system. Goldman-Sachs may have favored Obama and Exxon-Mobil Romney, but both still give about half as much to the other side, to make sure they’d have skin in the game either way. And they don’t just field, groom and support candidates and lobby legislators – they actually write the laws those legislators vote on. And today we’re seeing some of the most disturbing laws showing up, with almost identical language, in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.
But multinationals don’t just pick the candidates, write the laws and ensure their passage. They also directly control the very means by which most citizens learn about the issues they vote on – the mass media. Once again, we are expected to believe that MSNBC is better than FOX and that we are exercising our critical discretion by choosing one over the other. But when MNSBC is Comcast (the third-largest corporate lobbyist in dollars spent) and GE (which is involved in the oil and arms industries among others), how can we seriously take our news from them even as they spend millions to make government act in their interest?
To vote in such a system is to support the illusion that meaningful change is possible through the available mechanisms. It is to buy into the farce and embrace distraction from the great issues of our time. The system is broken to the point where it can no longer be fixed on its own terms. Our votes can only have meaning when the power of money is completely removed from the political process and the media is freed from control by those who already control the political system and the economy.
There are times when reform simply cannot come through the existing system; when enlightened citizens’ action, in defiance of constituted power and its entrenched mechanisms of self-perpetuation, is the only reasonable option; when instead of greasing the gears and oiling the wheels, one has to throw one’s body against them. We can no longer simply vote, donate, sign petitions, and then go back to our work and consumption as if our job as citizens were done: we have to completely rethink what it means to be a citizen.
They had votes and a press in the Soviet Union, but people recognized that these only served to perpetuate congealed power, not change it. The Ben Ali and Mubarak dictatorships did not fall through state-sanctioned citizens’ participation, but through popular action that questioned the existing social order.
We are running out of time to do even this. We are in the twilight of even feigned democracy, as the basic legal protections that once granted us free speech and protection against tyranny are being quickly eroded as the climate clock ticks ever louder. When the investment bubbles burst; when the oil, potable water and healthy soil run out; when the methane feedbacks start to kick in we will discover just how undemocratic our political systems have become, and just how strategic the corporate cartel has been in cornering every critical resource on the planet. But by then, it will be too late.” Peter Cohen

Patriarchy and Apocalyptic Capitalism have Won

If one has been following independent news over the last few years and the occasional mainstream report, it would appear at this point the oligarchy do not care at all how the masses perceive them. They know we know they are corrupt and they don’t care. The oligarchy no longer even feign interest in the masses.

The US political system is imploding. The US empire is in collapse and they are like an insatiable monster that now in its hubris intends to start wars with China and Russia and whomever else looks to be an obstacle in an attempt to control all resources. The scrabble for the most basic resources will be our future. They know it’s over for

our species (and most other species) with runaway global warming and an inevitable 6 degrees Celsius or higher on the not too distant horizon. They will exploit everything and it won’t end to its all used up.

Patriarchy has won.

Apocalyptic capitalism has won.

It’s end game now.

Their only interest at this point is who amongst them is going to control everything and what they need to do to achieve that aim. In other words, they must gain hegemony by any means necessary.

We can buckle our seat belts, but we are in a nose dive.

Protester Bob Bowes, of Somerville, Mass., displays an American flag featuring corporate logos, outside the location of a news conference by General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, Monday, April 4, 2016, in Boston. Bowes joined a protest with others outside the news conference to highlight the millions of dollars in tax breaks and public incentives used to lure the company. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)

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Excellent read: A world war has begun. Break the silence by Australian Journalist John Pilger

Muslim Lives Matter Podcast Ep 1: Taking Responsibility – Our Part in Widespread Anti-Muslim Animus

MuslimLivesMatterProfile1In episode 1, I discuss the widespread anti-Muslim animus today which is fueled by the mainstream  media, by antitheists, by Western governments, by ourselves and by large corporations funding politicians who in turn invent reasons for imperialist wars. I discuss and share excerpts of interviews which explain how these fundamentalist attacks are not fueled by religion and that the real drivers are cultural and economic. I share some excerpts of interviews with Tariq Ramadan and with Chris Hedges.

Brief music excerpt in intro is by Palestinian group called Le Trio Joubran playing a piece titled “Masar”.

My other podcast I mentioned during this episode 🙂

Thanks for listening to my first podcast. I hope you will join me next time. 🙂