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Excellent Analysis of The Alleged Sarin Gas Attack, Assad, & Trump’s Attack on Syria

With Syria Chemical attack still unconfirmed by UN, Trump lauches 50 missiles at Syria

With Syria Chemical attack still unconfirmed by UN, Trump lauches 50 missiles at Syria

Posted by Sane Progressive on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Unconfirmed Syria chemical weapons attack smells like Iraq WMDs part two:


Their STAR witness on the UNCONFIRMED chemical weapons attack (per head of UN disarmament affairs – yes, the chemical attack is UNCONFIRMED but you would NEVER know it listening the the propaganda puppets of the war machine):

The Truth About West Aleppo, Syria

“So….if President Assad’s intention were to “bomb his own people”, how does it make sense that those “people” left liberated East Aleppo for the government held West Aleppo and then returned to the homes that President Assad wanted to bomb and yet are living there safely, without being bombed and with the help and support of the Syrian state?
If the intention were to destroy his own infrastructure, why rebuild it as soon as its retaken from the “rebels” aka Nusra Front-led terrorists?
At the same time, the corporate media defends the “rebels” who were starving, executing and torturing the civilians that they claim to be “protecting”. Funny also how, now, East Aleppo is safe for journalists, now their “rebels” have left. How many journalists dared to enter the so called “rebel” enclaves during the occupation of East Aleppo, unless of course they had an SAA escort for protection…the same SAA they then vilified and accused of murdering their own families.
Yet the corporate media and leftist NGOs and faux anti war shills, still claim the “rebels” aka non Syrian terrorist organisations are being persecuted and need saving with marches and convoys.
Why did the corporate media, the leftist NGOs and faux anti war shills effectively maintain the imprisonment of 110,000 Syrian civilians in East Aleppo? Why did they not work for the liberation of these people from their incarceration under a brutal Nusra Front regime?
Why are these groups still failing to mention the 11,000 civilians murdered in West Aleppo by the Nusra Front regime in East Aleppo, over the last almost five years?
Perhaps because their narrative was supplied by those affiliated with the Nusra Front regime?
They also maintain the #WhiteHelmet myths despite the multiple testimonies from Syrian civilians describing them as nothing more than terrorist operatives, supporting Al Qaeda.
Do people not see the sheer insanity of this narrative? Twisted, perverted does not even cover it.”  Vanessa Beeley (independent journalist)

FACTS You Need To Know About Syria

“FACTS you need to know about Syria
• The Assad family belongs to the tolerant Islam of Alawid orientation.
• Syrian women have the same rights as men to study, health and education.
• Syria women are not forced to wear the burqa. The Sharia (Islamic law) is unconstitutional.
• Syria is the only Arab country with a secular constitution and does not tolerate Islamic extremist movements.
• Roughly 10% of the Syrian population belongs to one of the many Christian denominations, all fully integrated in Syrian political and social life.
• In other Arab countries the Christian population is less than 1% due to sustained hostility.
• Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds, stating his decision was made in order “to preserve human health,”
• Syria has an opening to Western society and culture like no other Arab country.
• Its media and universities openly debate the global power elite’s influence in things. This means that they fully grasp the fact that real power in the West lies not in the White House but rather with the complex and powerful grid of elite think-tanks and central banks.
• Throughout history there have been five popes of Syrian origin. Religious tolerance is unique in the area.
• Prior to the current civil war, Syria was one of the only peaceful countries in the area, having avoided major wars or internal conflicts.
• Syria was the only country that admitted Iraqi refugees without any social, political or religious discrimination
• Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and the Israel government.
• Following a massive oil find in Syria’s Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since 1967, Netanyahu recently asked Obama to recognize its annexation of the territory. To consolidate its hold, plans are afoot to quadruple Israeli settler numbers to 100,000.
And the most two important points:
• Syria is one of the only countries in the Middle East without debts to the International Monetary Fund ( Pre-invasion Libya & Iran the only others )
• Syria is the only Mediterranean country which remains the owner of its oil company, with an oil reserve of 2,500 million barrels, the operation of which has avoided privatization and is reserved exclusively for state-owned enterprises.
So now ask yourself, why are we truly attempting to overthrow yet another government? What are we hoping to fix here?
If the recent invasions and illegal assassinations of Presidents like Qaddafi and Saddam have taught us anything, it should be the understanding of the blowback effect of such lawless actions by the West and the vacuum of chaos that always supersedes it.
Debt Conquer. Invent a reason to invade and destroy, then offer $Trillions in IMF funding to rebuild… conveniently paid back by control of your oil fields and the free access to build gas pipelines to the west. ” Raymond Westlake via David Alpert via Luciana Bohne via Sherri Ingrey

For more information:
The Real Syria Story No One Wants You to Know About 






What’s Really Happening in Syria: UN Press Conference with Eva Bartlett

Full Press Conference at the United Nations. Against propaganda and regime change, for peace and national sovereignty. 9 December 2016, the Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations. Speakers: Dr. Bahman Azad, Member of the Coordinating Committee for the Hands Off Syria and Organization Secretary of US Peace Council, and Eva Bartlett, Independent Canadian Journalist.


War or Peace? No-Fly Zone in Syria Would Lead to War with Russia

“War or Peace?

The most consequential statement by Secretary Clinton in last night’s debate was her pronouncement that a no-fly zone over Syria could “save lives and hasten the end of the conflict,” that a no-fly zone would provide “safe zones on the ground” was in “the best interests of the people on the ground in Syria” and would “help us with our fight against ISIS.”

It would do none of the above. A US attempt to impose a no-fly zone in Syria would, as Secretary Clinton once cautioned a Goldman Sachs audience, “kill a lot of Syrians,” and, according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Dunford, lead to a war with Russia. If the US has not been invited into a country to establish a “no-fly zone” such an action is, in fact, an invasion, an act of war.

It is abundantly clear from our dark alliance with Saudi Arabia and our support of jihadists in Syria that our current leaders have learned nothing from Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya as we prepare to plunge head-long into the abyss of a world war.

Our international relations are built upon lies to promote regime changes, the fantasy of a unipolar world ruled by America, and a blank check for the national security state.

As others prepare for war, we must prepare for peace. We must answer the mindless call to arms with a thoughtful, soulful call to resist the build up for war. A new, resolute peace movement must arise, become visible and challenge those who would make war inevitable.

We must not wait until the Inauguration to begin to build a new peace movement in America.

More to come.


Dennis Kucinich


For more information:
Vote for values, not for fear. Vote Jill Stein

US-Backed Coalition Has Dropped 54,611 Bombs In 15,362 Airstrikes In The War On ISIS

US-Backed Coalition Has Dropped 54,611 Bombs In 15,362 Airstrikes In The War On ISIS

Despite the loss of Fallujah, which was declared “liberated” from the terrorists in June, Daesh maintains a strong presence in Syria and Iraq, and continues to take credit for terrorist attacks abroad.

Mosul, currently under heavy bombardment by the coalition, is forecast to be the next target for Iraqi forces. In a Sept. 17 report from Politico, retired U.S. Army Col. Daniel L. Davis quoted a Kurdish commander who estimated there are still some 20,000 Daesh troops in and around Mosul, suggesting that even a victory in Mosul could be short-lived. Military experts Davis interviewed speculated that retaking the city from Daesh could trigger a new Iraqi civil war similar to the current conflict in Syria.

The air war began over two years ago under President Barack Obama, but both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have indicated that they intend to intensify the conflict against Daesh.

During Monday’s presidential debate Clinton said:

“We’re working with NATO, the longest military alliance in the history of the world, to really turn our attention to terrorism. We’re working with our friends in the Middle East, many of which, as you know, are Muslim-majority nations.”

In his response, Trump noted:

“I think we have to get NATO to go into the Middle East with us, in addition to surrounding nations, and we have to knock the hell out of ISIS, and we have to do it fast, when ISIS formed in this vacuum created by Barack Obama and Secretary Clinton.”

Responding to the candidates on Tuesday, Robert Fisk, an award-winning journalist who covers the Middle East for the Independent, expressed frustration at both candidates’ eagerness to continue the same, failing strategies. He wrote:

“[H]aven’t we all been knocking the hell out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, even Lebanon (a few years ago), and achieving the constant rebirth of ever more vicious warriors, of which Isis – heaven spare us the thought – may soon generate another, even worse progeny?”

Fisk, who is based in Beirut, also noted that Washington’s so-called “friends” in the Middle East include “[t]hose fantastic Saudis who gave us 15 of the 9/11 hijackers,” and suggested it will be America’s fault when the air war on Daesh inevitably creates more terrorism through blowback.

He concluded:

“About the only nonsense left unuttered by Trump and Clinton was that Isis was born outside the United States. There they would have been on safe ground. Or would they? For I suspect there may be a growing number of Arabs who believe that Isis is indeed a child born in America.”

What sort of a country do we live in?

“A country of killers
I guess the US government can get away with anything if it says “it was a mistake”. Killing 80 Syrians injuring over 100 with a chemical attack (phosphorus bombs) seems to be a non issue. In fact, when the President said that the destruction of Libya–the whole country–was a mistake, the media praised him for his honesty. I bet he’ll just say the same thing when they finally start nuclear war with Russia and China.
The most devastating calamities of wars have fell upon many people in numerous places already. They’ve lost their family members, their lands, their cultures, their communities, their countries and their lives. And the ones who go along with the official narrative know it. Somewhere in their subconscious mind they know that enormous deaths and sufferings have been endured by some people.
That knowledge triggers a fear. That is the same fear embraced by police officers shooting unarmed black men. That is the same fear slave owners strove to shake off when they went to bed. That is the fear colonial settlers had against the indigenous people of the lands. The fear that must be exterminated along with the victims. The fear to put under the rug as the colonial masters killed off the last standing owner of the lands. The fear of a killer who stub numerous times so that the victim never stand before him again.
What sort of a country do we live in?”  Hiroyuki Hamada

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons

“Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton as a warmonger and the Trump-obsessed media ignored it. “

Read full article : Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons | Rania Khalek | The Intercept



“Clinton has made herself vulnerable to this kind of criticism. She did in fact enthusiastically vote for the Iraq War. She also spearheaded the Obama administration’s overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, now supports a “no-fly zone” in Syria, and has aligned herself with Gulf State monarchies and Israel’s extremist right-wing leadership.”


Loss of Childhood to the Occupiers

This poor child sells tissue papers to get something to eat. She saw a cartoon movie while she was walking beside electronics and TVs store and then remembered her childhood as she sat to watch it. Poverty kills childhood. Most children in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and etc lost their childhood to the occupiers. We are in the 21st century and still rich people don’t care about poor ones and those in power don’t give any attention to others. It’s all about humanity if not about Palestine or any other oppressed country.” Mahmmood Arafaat

child sells tissues watches tv