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Is Trump Intending to Bar Even U.S. Permanent Residents Who are Outside of the United States from Re-entering?

Washington, DC – NIAC Action issued the following statement based on language of a reported Executive Order that President Donald Trump plans to sign tomorrow:

Article here

“Trump’s Muslim ban is real and even more draconian than many anticipated. Visa holders, dual nationals, and even green card holders from Muslim-majority countries may be barred indefinitely from the United States. Based on our analysis of the Executive Order language that is circulating, nationals from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Syria and Yemen who are outside of the U.S. with a valid U.S. visa will not be able to enter the United States. The order is written in such a broad manner that it may also prohibit dual nationals of those countries who are citizens of non-targeted countries from entering the U.S. on a visa. Perhaps most alarmingly, it can be interpreted to bar even U.S. permanent residents who are outside of the United States from re-entering.

“We in the Iranian-American community are already feeling the effects of this proposed actions. Plans for family to visit, for loved ones to return home, for family friends to join us to study in U.S. schools, are now in jeopardy. There is a palpable feeling of being torn apart from our friends and loved ones. Just a year ago, we were full of hope that the American people and the Iranian people were heading down a new road of engagement thanks to the nuclear deal. Now we are not even sure if parents will be able to attend weddings in the U.S. or if we need to put travel plans abroad on hold for fear of being blocked from coming back.

“NIAC Action calls on the Trump Administration to reconsider this dangerous course of action and for lawmakers to publicly oppose this plan before Trump’s finalization of the order, which is expected tomorrow. Further, any nominations to key national security or civil rights-related posts, including Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions, should be put on hold until these actions can be fully evaluated and nominees address the public’s concerns.

“The list of countries targeted under the Executive Order is based on a discriminatory visa waiver bill (H.R.158) passed in 2015 shortly after then-candidate Trump called for a Muslim ban. We warned then of a slippery slope and are now on the way to a much darker vision of America than many of us could have imagined.

“The ban will initially last for 30 days but it is likely that for some countries it will be permanent. The document says that, after the 30 day suspension of entry, the Department of State and Homeland Security will present a report of countries that do not provide enough information to the U.S. to ensure visa applicants from that country are not a threat. Those countries will be given 60 days to address those issues and comply with U.S. requirements. If they do not, a Presidential proclamation will be issued to ban all entrants from that country.

“For Iran, mindful of the tensions between U.S. and Iranian governments we are skeptical that Iran would comply with such requirements or that, if it did comply, the Trump Administration would accept such efforts. This would, in effect, mean a permanent ban on entry for Iranians.”

What sort of a country do we live in?

“A country of killers
I guess the US government can get away with anything if it says “it was a mistake”. Killing 80 Syrians injuring over 100 with a chemical attack (phosphorus bombs) seems to be a non issue. In fact, when the President said that the destruction of Libya–the whole country–was a mistake, the media praised him for his honesty. I bet he’ll just say the same thing when they finally start nuclear war with Russia and China.
The most devastating calamities of wars have fell upon many people in numerous places already. They’ve lost their family members, their lands, their cultures, their communities, their countries and their lives. And the ones who go along with the official narrative know it. Somewhere in their subconscious mind they know that enormous deaths and sufferings have been endured by some people.
That knowledge triggers a fear. That is the same fear embraced by police officers shooting unarmed black men. That is the same fear slave owners strove to shake off when they went to bed. That is the fear colonial settlers had against the indigenous people of the lands. The fear that must be exterminated along with the victims. The fear to put under the rug as the colonial masters killed off the last standing owner of the lands. The fear of a killer who stub numerous times so that the victim never stand before him again.
What sort of a country do we live in?”  Hiroyuki Hamada

Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons

“Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton as a warmonger and the Trump-obsessed media ignored it. “

Read full article : Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton “Trigger Happy” as She Courts Neocons | Rania Khalek | The Intercept



“Clinton has made herself vulnerable to this kind of criticism. She did in fact enthusiastically vote for the Iraq War. She also spearheaded the Obama administration’s overthrow of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, now supports a “no-fly zone” in Syria, and has aligned herself with Gulf State monarchies and Israel’s extremist right-wing leadership.”


Loss of Childhood to the Occupiers

This poor child sells tissue papers to get something to eat. She saw a cartoon movie while she was walking beside electronics and TVs store and then remembered her childhood as she sat to watch it. Poverty kills childhood. Most children in Palestine, Syria, Iraq and etc lost their childhood to the occupiers. We are in the 21st century and still rich people don’t care about poor ones and those in power don’t give any attention to others. It’s all about humanity if not about Palestine or any other oppressed country.” Mahmmood Arafaat

child sells tissues watches tv

“I’m on the Kill List. This is what it feels like to be hunted by drones”

pg-29-drones-apCompelling reading

“I took to the habit of sleeping under the trees, well above my home, to avoid acting as a magnet of death for my whole family. But one night my youngest son, Hilal (then aged six), followed me out to the mountainside. He said that he, too, feared the droning engines at night. I tried to comfort him. I said that drones wouldn’t target children, but Hilal refused to believe me. He said that missiles had often killed children. It was then that I knew that I could not let them go on living like this.

I know the Americans think me an opponent of their drone wars. They are right; I am. Singling out people to assassinate, and killing nine of our innocent children for each person they target, is a crime of unspeakable proportions. Their policy is as foolish as it is criminal, as it radicalises the very people we are trying to calm down.”

To read full essay here

Muslim Lives Matter Podcast Ep 1: Taking Responsibility – Our Part in Widespread Anti-Muslim Animus

MuslimLivesMatterProfile1In episode 1, I discuss the widespread anti-Muslim animus today which is fueled by the mainstream  media, by antitheists, by Western governments, by ourselves and by large corporations funding politicians who in turn invent reasons for imperialist wars. I discuss and share excerpts of interviews which explain how these fundamentalist attacks are not fueled by religion and that the real drivers are cultural and economic. I share some excerpts of interviews with Tariq Ramadan and with Chris Hedges.

Brief music excerpt in intro is by Palestinian group called Le Trio Joubran playing a piece titled “Masar”.

My other podcast I mentioned during this episode 🙂

Thanks for listening to my first podcast. I hope you will join me next time. 🙂