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Will Voting for the “Lesser of Two Evils” Gradually Usher in Fascism? Yes.

clinton-isisAs it gets closer to the US election, I wish to share my thoughts.

I saw a rather sad video of someone I admire declaring that they are going to “hold their nose” and vote for Clinton. Why? Because Trump is so very scary. This is disturbing and very sad to say the least when intelligent thoughtful people spend the best part of their year exposing the corruption of US empire, but then at the 11th hour start encouraging people to vote for the “lesser evil”.

Every day the world suffers under the hubris, warmongering and corruption of US Empire. Every. Single. Day. We will all be effected by the outcome of this US election no matter where we live in the world. In my humble opinion, it is a HUGE mistake for US citizens to continue voting for the “lesser evil”. Why? Because the “lesser evil” is just PLAIN evil. And the DNC have had this planned all along – “elevating” the worst GOP candidate (read Wikileaks’ Podesta emails) so the public will vote in fear. The DNC stole the primary from Sanders and then Sanders started promoting Clinton. Now other “progressives” are dropping their bundle and are promoting this corrupt warmonger as well.

At this point I feel anyone trying to frighten US citizens into voting against the “greater evil” – Trump – is really unfortunate to say the least. What the DNC has been trying to do by elevating frightening candidates has worked for them so far. They have a fail-safe plan they put into action every election. This is an appalling manipulation of elections and of the public. And this is not all the DNC is doing to rig this election (Soros and Diebold voting machines, corporate-owned mainstream media etc).

ALL of this simply shows contempt for the public.

Why do I take such interest in US elections despite the fact that I am not a US citizen? Because all of us everywhere around the world as I mentioned, are paying for the two party stranglehold. And what the US oligarchs get away with or demonstrate that works in the US, is often adopted by other oligarchs worldwide. The US Empire is like a test case for how to usher in fascism with little resistance. Do it gradually and no one will make too much of a fuss right? The US Empire is by far, the greatest threat on this planet, not just in terms of threatening world peace with nuclear war (threatening Russia repeatedly and creating fear around them) but in terms of climate change and our species imminent extinction as a result.

We have more than two major parties here in Australia. The two major Australian parties are almost as bad as each other. There’s very little daylight between them. We have compulsory voting here and I’m glad that we do. We also have a preferential voting system which means that our vote is not “wasted” if we vote for a third party. However, even if we did not have this system, I would still reject either major Australian party.

Remember that Abraham Lincoln was a third party choice.

As I said, I’ve been saddened and somewhat annoyed that there continues to be some “progressives” who have decided recently to “hold their nose” and vote for Clinton. It’s really a matter of a slow ride to fascism or a slightly faster one voting for these two major party candidates. And Palestinians will most definitely pay the price no matter who of the two major party candidates gets elected. I think Chris Hedgesadvice is something that we should consider. He will vote and encourages others to vote for a third party like Stein and Baraka.

If we have learned anything from the release of the #Podesta emails, it is that the oligarchy look after their own and they think they are untouchable. And it would seem to a great extent that is true because as the years pass by their corruption increases and it goes unpunished.


The Podesta emails reveal what the oligarchy truly think when they believe no one to be watching. This is what they say to each other behind closed doors. To some this would not be a surprise, but to many it may well be. The Wikileaks release of these emails reveals the ruling class’ contempt for the public, their contempt for democracy, their contempt for the masses. It reveals that they view the world like a monopoly game, where a small few will eventually own everything. It reveals that they see the masses as just fodder for their wars, and whatever else they can use us for. So why prop them up? Why give them more airtime to continue on this dangerous path? Why threaten the world with possible nuclear war by giving sociopaths (yes both candidates) the nuclear codes?


IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD & JUST, please, if you haven’t voted yet, vote for values. Vote for a third party like Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. Don’t fall for this dangerous and appalling manipulation any longer. If we never vote for what we want, we will never get it. The revolution will NEVER happen while people continue to fall for this manipulation. Fascism will be ushered in no matter which major party’s candidate is elected. One form may be slightly faster than the other but it’s coming and soon. And next election in four years time will be the same. The DNC will be elevating an even more scary candidate than Trump but you won’t get to see their private emails about it next time.Trump was just the rehearsal for someone who will be more cunning and who will exploit and take advantage of the angry and disenfranchised masses. It is in plain sight now. One thing we can never say is that we haven’t been told. We know that to be true, so why fall for this “lesser evil” insanity any longer?

For more information:

Jill Stein: ‘Voters Being Intimidated Into Voting for Corruption Queen or a Proto-Fascist’ (Video)





“I’m voting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for educational purposes as much as anything”

Worth reading, putting aside the speciesist reference to sheep
“I think the fundamental problem is that the system is basically run by colonizing capitalists who don’t mind bombing and killing for profits. So the essential direction they follow domestically isn’t far from what they do to “others” overseas. They keep propping up proxy thug clowns called “Presidents” to sell their horrendous schemes for consumption, inhumanity and more profits. And of course that brings us back to what got this country started: slavery and settler colonialism against American Indians. Those things have slowly evolved into an invisible caste order that keeps us fighting among ourselves while begging for crumbs falling from criminal enterprises. If we don’t see this big picture, so called “reforms” keep turning out to be schemes to perpetuate their crimes like three strike law, crime bills, war on drugs, war on terror, big bank bailout and other neoliberal/neocolonizing schemes.” Hiroyuki Hamada
Anyway, here is John Steppling‘s eloquent Facebook update on where we are:
“One of the problems with US faux democracy is that it is coupled to an erosion of education. And in terms of electoral politics the binary world view is deeply embedded. So…for example…I read people posting memes that say oh this is an example of an overqualified women vs an under-qualified stupid white man. Someone else I just unfriended wrote…* I don’t think Jill Stein is qualified to run a bake sale*. These tropes are sold to a not very educated public. Of course what is missing in this mini theatre of reductive PR is both imperialism, and financial capital. And of course white privilege and institutional racism. Hillary Clinton has a horrid record, horrid. No sane person would point to her record as a means of arguing to vote for her. But its done anyway. And few in the US question how it is a system has arrived at an election which pits two sociopaths against each other. How and why did that happen? Well… Gore Vidal said long ago, the American public didn’t want the best and brightest. There is no meritocracy out there which processes potential candidates and arrives at the very best. We wouldn’t have had Gerald Ford or Spiro Agnew or Reagan or Dan Quayle. We wouldn’t have had Harry Truman or Nixon or LBJ for that matter. No US president has been actually a deep thinker. That’s not the job description. Bill Clinton, both Bushes, and Obama? Cunning perhaps, clever and Obama might actually be the highest IQ ever in the white house….and look how that’s working out. These are soulless methodical and ambitious men, but barely human. But its not really about the president in the end. Its about a system that is premised on exploitation. Capitalism manufactures poverty. When I was a boy 79% of the workers in the US belonged to a union. Today its 8%. The working class has been brutalized and abandoned. The black population in the US suffers a greater economic disparity than in apartheid South Africa. The US prison system has more prisoners than any country, per capita and real, in history. Police are militarized, racist, and hyper violent. Why do people think gun control is somehow the answer to that? The US is the worlds leading manufacturer of guns for Christ sake. How about shutting down the weapons industry? that would mean shutting down the biggest industry in the world (right ahead of prostitution/porn and packaging). Whoever is elected is allowed to sit in the white house. That’s it, really. They answer to a deep state of global banking interests, military contractors and the defense industry, and oil companies. Not to mention the ruling class zillionaires that make up that 1%. The US isn’t democratic. Is it even remotely possible for a poor man or women to be elected to even state wide office, let alone national? No. Are the rich in prison? No. Remember Hurricane Katrina…..where prisoners were left to drown in their cells. Where black men were shot on bridges by a racist white supremacist police force (and vigilantes). And where people suffered in the Astrodome for weeks. No sanitation. No food to speak of. Look at the US native American reservations. Look at Pine Ridge, look at Rosebud….and remember the US genocide against native Americans. Remember slavery. Look at the poverty of black communities. Look at the towns along the Mexican border where poverty has decimated the region from Arizona to Texas. Look at the so called rust belt… New York west through Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, and eastern Wisconsin. Once called the American suffering radical population loss and infrastructure decay. A grim angry landscape of boarded up storefronts and desperation and absence of hope. So who the fuck really thinks Hillary Clinton OR Donald Trump gives a shit about any of this? Has either of them visited the rez? Gone to Fresno or El Paso or Brownsville, or Grants Pass or Valdosta, Georgia? The answer is no. They are members of the white elite. And in the case of Hillary, a rapacious delusional maniacal war lover who I believe actually wants war with Russia. She certainly wants to rain death down on Syria and Iran. She believe as fanatically as Netanyahu or Lieberman in the Greater Israel dream. Shit, she actually thought about *droning* #Assange. Her and Bill’s foundation has stolen millions from Haiti and left sweat shops in their wake. Bill wrote the crime bill that destroyed millions of lives. Hillary loved it. As for Trump…the son of a slum lord. A clown, a misogynistic and badly educated lounge act. This is where the long road of western imperialism has led. Manifest Destiny. Read Melville and Faulkner and Cain and Chandler and Hammett….Iceberg Slim and James Baldwin. And read Mailers one great book…Executioners Song. That’s America. Read Mike Davis, City of Quartz. Or hell, any of his books. This isn’t some pageant….where everything ends after the vote count. We have a winner !!! . But the fucking sheep march on… ear buds stuck in their ears, texting, eyes on that little screen as the world passes them by. Asleep. There cannot ever have been a society that so readily falls into a group-think. I read Denis Rancourt’s piece at Dissident Voice ..on the religion of climate change. And its worth reading. I think he might well be wrong, totally, on the science of environmental destruction, but he IS right about how it’s being sold to the public. It’s quickly starting to serve the interests of western capital. For the worlds biggest polluter is the US military, remember. So how does that work? Biggest weapons manufactures…and the worlds biggest military (by far) and yet we are to believe one or another of these white elites actually gives a shit about the working class, and the poor? About climate change? TPP and its sister agreements are about DEREGULATING industry. See??? LESS environmental protection. So no, they don’t. The answer to all this is to organize. But to do that, at least some modicum of education is in order. And that seems to be asking a lot these days. People believe…in this culture of individuality, that their opinions are valid just because they have them. Nobody wants to learn….they want to get back to texting and watching American idol…or whateverthefuckever./ So I’m voting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka for educational purposes as much as anything. Only the very politically immature believe Hillary Clinton isn’t the next president. She is. And for that we should all be awake at night in a cold sweat.”

“Movement of Movements”

“The mainstream Left – or at least the people who still identify with what the corporate elite tries to passes off as a “Left” – having watched their own revolt smothered in its cradle, are now reduced to defending the Corporate State against an analogous revolt from the Right. As few are voting for corporate candidates this year, this amounts to a losing strategy. Of course Trump can’t be expected to dismantle corporate power either and will likely end up serving much just as Obama did, with some added racism and nastiness. And it’s pretty clear that media-stoked fear of him and blackout of third parties have made a Bernie-style surge for Stein unlikely. Whoever wins this election, our job as citizens will be to resist them. We are merely voting on the face of Power we will have to oppose.
I’m done discussing with Hillary supporters, especially if it involves insulting people for voting their consciences. (If you really want our votes, instead of abuse and fear-mongering, you might try , for starters convincing your candidate to release the Goldman speeches.) This election has brought out the worst in nearly everyone. Do we really have to choose between racism and plutocracy? between anti-immigrant hysteria and endless war? between blacklisting Muslims at home and bombing them abroad? Of course these choices make people angry, because they’re so deeply unfair. This is what happens when we allow “democracy” to become the selection by an elite of two candidates and a vote by us against the one we fear most.
But I also suspect it also has something to do with to the fact that, as much as our media and politicians may pretend that we’re not hurtling toward imminent and catastrophic economic, political, resource and climate collapse, we all know on some level that it is. Maybe those who know are angry at all the denial, and those in denial are angry at being confronted with truths they refuse to accept, but people are clearly angry – and their anger clearly masks fear. The reality-show politics of our money-soaked pseudo-democracy, with its money-soaked pseudo-press, are just too disconnected from the true reality we face for people not to feel uneasy.
The horrifying flood of Blue-on-Black murders, the parallel State violence against unarmed civilians in Occupied Palestine (a 13-year-old girl was just gunned down at a checkpoint on her way to school), and the many similarities between them are outrageous and unbearable. They will only end when the perpetrators face real consequences.
At the same time, the call for accountability is rising. Resistance movements are swelling and coalescing. #BlackLivesMatter now stands with #BDS. Both stand with #StandingRock, #IdleNoMore and the growing anti-pipeline and anti-fracking #ClimateJustice movements, and all kneel with Kaepernick. This is our real hope for the future of political action – not participating in rigged corporate referendums out of fear, but rising above them and all the pettiness they evoke in us, in the face of the predictable onslaught of Media silence or derision and the naked violence of the State. As these movements continue to grow into what Rivera Sun calls a “Movement of Movements,” their power of action grows.
This “election” has brought us to the limits of a politics that can be considered credible by the majority of Americans. It has focused us on frivolities and meanness at a time of unprecedented challenges. May it serve as the final proof, for those who still needed it, that it is too late to change the system through its own means – for these are not means of change, but of self-perpetuation. Just as so many young people who worked for Obama in 2008 filled the Occupy camps 3 years later, may this be the turning point for millions more. We will not vote the corporations out of our government. We need to oppose them with our bodies and beings. The system thrives on our failure of imagination; our incapacity to imagine something better and ways of making it real. But its own lack of imagination is also its weakness. The challenges we face as a race are so great, they demand true Greatness from us. Nothing less will save us.”
Peter Cohen

Deepa Kumar on “Constructing the Muslim Enemy From the Crusades to 9 11”


“Dr. Deepa Kumar is an Associate Professor of Media Studies and Middle Eastern Studies at Rutgers University. Her work is driven by an active engagement with the key issues that characterize our era — neoliberalism and imperialism. She has been active in various social movements for peace and justice and has written numerous articles in both scholarly journals and alternative media.

Kumar’s first book, Outside the Box: Corporate Media, Kurmar and the UPS Strike, is about the power of collective struggle in effectively challenging the priorities of neoliberalism. Her second book titled Islamophobia and the Politics of Empire, looks at how the “Muslim enemy” has historically been mobilized to suit the goals of empire.

Kumar began her research into the politics of empire shortly after the tumultuous events of 9/11. She is currently working on a third book on the discourses of terrorism within the mainstream media and in the political sphere in the US.

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