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Will Voting for the “Lesser of Two Evils” Gradually Usher in Fascism? Yes.

clinton-isisAs it gets closer to the US election, I wish to share my thoughts.

I saw a rather sad video of someone I admire declaring that they are going to “hold their nose” and vote for Clinton. Why? Because Trump is so very scary. This is disturbing and very sad to say the least when intelligent thoughtful people spend the best part of their year exposing the corruption of US empire, but then at the 11th hour start encouraging people to vote for the “lesser evil”.

Every day the world suffers under the hubris, warmongering and corruption of US Empire. Every. Single. Day. We will all be effected by the outcome of this US election no matter where we live in the world. In my humble opinion, it is a HUGE mistake for US citizens to continue voting for the “lesser evil”. Why? Because the “lesser evil” is just PLAIN evil. And the DNC have had this planned all along – “elevating” the worst GOP candidate (read Wikileaks’ Podesta emails) so the public will vote in fear. The DNC stole the primary from Sanders and then Sanders started promoting Clinton. Now other “progressives” are dropping their bundle and are promoting this corrupt warmonger as well.

At this point I feel anyone trying to frighten US citizens into voting against the “greater evil” – Trump – is really unfortunate to say the least. What the DNC has been trying to do by elevating frightening candidates has worked for them so far. They have a fail-safe plan they put into action every election. This is an appalling manipulation of elections and of the public. And this is not all the DNC is doing to rig this election (Soros and Diebold voting machines, corporate-owned mainstream media etc).

ALL of this simply shows contempt for the public.

Why do I take such interest in US elections despite the fact that I am not a US citizen? Because all of us everywhere around the world as I mentioned, are paying for the two party stranglehold. And what the US oligarchs get away with or demonstrate that works in the US, is often adopted by other oligarchs worldwide. The US Empire is like a test case for how to usher in fascism with little resistance. Do it gradually and no one will make too much of a fuss right? The US Empire is by far, the greatest threat on this planet, not just in terms of threatening world peace with nuclear war (threatening Russia repeatedly and creating fear around them) but in terms of climate change and our species imminent extinction as a result.

We have more than two major parties here in Australia. The two major Australian parties are almost as bad as each other. There’s very little daylight between them. We have compulsory voting here and I’m glad that we do. We also have a preferential voting system which means that our vote is not “wasted” if we vote for a third party. However, even if we did not have this system, I would still reject either major Australian party.

Remember that Abraham Lincoln was a third party choice.

As I said, I’ve been saddened and somewhat annoyed that there continues to be some “progressives” who have decided recently to “hold their nose” and vote for Clinton. It’s really a matter of a slow ride to fascism or a slightly faster one voting for these two major party candidates. And Palestinians will most definitely pay the price no matter who of the two major party candidates gets elected. I think Chris Hedgesadvice is something that we should consider. He will vote and encourages others to vote for a third party like Stein and Baraka.

If we have learned anything from the release of the #Podesta emails, it is that the oligarchy look after their own and they think they are untouchable. And it would seem to a great extent that is true because as the years pass by their corruption increases and it goes unpunished.


The Podesta emails reveal what the oligarchy truly think when they believe no one to be watching. This is what they say to each other behind closed doors. To some this would not be a surprise, but to many it may well be. The Wikileaks release of these emails reveals the ruling class’ contempt for the public, their contempt for democracy, their contempt for the masses. It reveals that they view the world like a monopoly game, where a small few will eventually own everything. It reveals that they see the masses as just fodder for their wars, and whatever else they can use us for. So why prop them up? Why give them more airtime to continue on this dangerous path? Why threaten the world with possible nuclear war by giving sociopaths (yes both candidates) the nuclear codes?


IN THE NAME OF ALL THAT IS GOOD & JUST, please, if you haven’t voted yet, vote for values. Vote for a third party like Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka. Don’t fall for this dangerous and appalling manipulation any longer. If we never vote for what we want, we will never get it. The revolution will NEVER happen while people continue to fall for this manipulation. Fascism will be ushered in no matter which major party’s candidate is elected. One form may be slightly faster than the other but it’s coming and soon. And next election in four years time will be the same. The DNC will be elevating an even more scary candidate than Trump but you won’t get to see their private emails about it next time.Trump was just the rehearsal for someone who will be more cunning and who will exploit and take advantage of the angry and disenfranchised masses. It is in plain sight now. One thing we can never say is that we haven’t been told. We know that to be true, so why fall for this “lesser evil” insanity any longer?

For more information:

Jill Stein: ‘Voters Being Intimidated Into Voting for Corruption Queen or a Proto-Fascist’ (Video)





The BDS Movement with Mikod Peled and Chris Hedges

Image by Stephen Melkisethian via Flickr
Image by Stephen Melkisethian via Flickr

“On this week’s episode of On Contact, Chris Hedges discusses the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement with Israeli human rights activist Miko Peled. They discuss the global campaign to economically and politically pressure Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian land, grant equality to Arab-Palestinian citizens and allow Palestinian refuges the right of return to their homes. RT Correspondent Anya Parampil examines the history and breadth of the BDS movement.”

Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement is so far effectively putting pressure on Israel. BDS brought down the apartheid regime in South Africa, and it will work against Israel to bring down their apartheid regime there.

Watch here





Hedges: “We Bomb Them, They Bomb Us”

Chris Hedges, whose column is published Mondays on Truthdig, spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years. He has written nine books, including “Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle” (2009), “I Don’t Believe in Atheists” (2008) and the best-selling “American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America” (2008). His book “War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning” (2003) was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award for Nonfiction.”

Excerpt of interview:

DESVARIEUX: So, Chris, this news certainly is dominating headlines right now. And many people are asking themselves, why Brussels?

HEDGES: Well, I think for many of the same reasons we saw the attacks in Paris. You have a large immigrant community that comes out of North Africa, in particular. They tend to be segregated within the society. There’s a heavy degree of racism. High unemployment. There is a struggle for identity, because, for instance, they may have been born in Tunisia or wherever, come to Belgium or France at a young age, but because of the endemic European racism don’t fit in, are not treated as equals. And yet when they go back, you know, they’re looked upon as being French or Belgian.

DESVARIEUX: When you say they’re not treated as equals, can you give us an example?

HEDGES: Well, especially in French society, they’re segregated into [banleus], these horrific Stalinist-type housing projects on the outside of French cities, Leon, Paris, and other places. And unemployment is very high. The majority of the prison population in France is of North African descent.And they are easy prey because of the way European society has treated them. They’re easy prey for these Islamists. Many of them have been adrift. I mean, you actually, most of them don’t come out of religious households. They’re involved in petty crime, and for what I had read of the two suicide bombers at the airport in Belgium, they had a history of petty crime. And then they have this kind of conversion experience where their rage is sanctified. And the rage is legitimate. I mean, they have every reason to be angry at the way they’ve been treated. And that translates into these kinds of attacks. That’s the first thing.The second thing is we have to acknowledge that for the last 13 years in Iraq, 15 years in Afghanistan, we have been bombing these people night and day. We have created millions of refugees, over a million dead in Iraq. And they don’t have an air force. So if you’re bombing Raqqa, as we are continuously, which of course, you know, these 500,000-pound fragmentation bombs are hardly surgical weapons. They can take out, you know, several houses on a city block. So the collateral damage, as we call it, is quite high. So the only way that ISIS can strike back is, essentially, through these kinds of attacks.

DESVARIEUX: And in the aftermath of these kind of attacks, you have folks like Hillary Clinton. She’s come out saying that we need more surveillance. And Ted Cruz, and other nominees. So do you think this type of, sort of knee-jerk responses that we need surveillance, what’s your counter for that?

HEDGES: Well, they’re dealing with the symptom, not the cause. The cause is the U.S. military occupation of the Middle East, and the brutality, and I would even call it state terror, let’s include the terror of drones, has inflicted on huge swathes of the population. And this is a very potent recruiting tool in the hands of groups like ISIS. And the reason that they have expanded to the extent that they have. So violence, our violence, is what created these groups. We go all the way back to the war against the Soviet Union and our empowering of ISIS. You know, we have created these groups. And what you’re, what these political figures are in essence calling for is a tactic, you know, which has contributed tremendously to this kind of terrorism, i.e. violence, as the way we’re going to defeat these groups. It’s just a complete misreading of what’s happening on the ground in the Middle East and how complicit we are in essentially fueling these kind of attacks.”

Muslim Lives Matter Podcast Ep 1: Taking Responsibility – Our Part in Widespread Anti-Muslim Animus

MuslimLivesMatterProfile1In episode 1, I discuss the widespread anti-Muslim animus today which is fueled by the mainstream  media, by antitheists, by Western governments, by ourselves and by large corporations funding politicians who in turn invent reasons for imperialist wars. I discuss and share excerpts of interviews which explain how these fundamentalist attacks are not fueled by religion and that the real drivers are cultural and economic. I share some excerpts of interviews with Tariq Ramadan and with Chris Hedges.

Brief music excerpt in intro is by Palestinian group called Le Trio Joubran playing a piece titled “Masar”.

My other podcast I mentioned during this episode 🙂

Thanks for listening to my first podcast. I hope you will join me next time. 🙂