The Truth About West Aleppo, Syria

“So….if President Assad’s intention were to “bomb his own people”, how does it make sense that those “people” left liberated East Aleppo for the government held West Aleppo and then returned to the homes that President Assad wanted to bomb and yet are living there safely, without being bombed and with the help and support of the Syrian state?
If the intention were to destroy his own infrastructure, why rebuild it as soon as its retaken from the “rebels” aka Nusra Front-led terrorists?
At the same time, the corporate media defends the “rebels” who were starving, executing and torturing the civilians that they claim to be “protecting”. Funny also how, now, East Aleppo is safe for journalists, now their “rebels” have left. How many journalists dared to enter the so called “rebel” enclaves during the occupation of East Aleppo, unless of course they had an SAA escort for protection…the same SAA they then vilified and accused of murdering their own families.
Yet the corporate media and leftist NGOs and faux anti war shills, still claim the “rebels” aka non Syrian terrorist organisations are being persecuted and need saving with marches and convoys.
Why did the corporate media, the leftist NGOs and faux anti war shills effectively maintain the imprisonment of 110,000 Syrian civilians in East Aleppo? Why did they not work for the liberation of these people from their incarceration under a brutal Nusra Front regime?
Why are these groups still failing to mention the 11,000 civilians murdered in West Aleppo by the Nusra Front regime in East Aleppo, over the last almost five years?
Perhaps because their narrative was supplied by those affiliated with the Nusra Front regime?
They also maintain the #WhiteHelmet myths despite the multiple testimonies from Syrian civilians describing them as nothing more than terrorist operatives, supporting Al Qaeda.
Do people not see the sheer insanity of this narrative? Twisted, perverted does not even cover it.”  Vanessa Beeley (independent journalist)

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